The Elves of Tolkien’s Legendarium

May 22, 2024

The Elves of Tolkien’s Legendarium

                   |                                  |
                Eldar                               Avari
                   |                            (Those who refused the journey to Valinor)
   |                |                  |
 Vanyar           Noldor              Teleri
                      |                                       |
                    Sindar                                Nandor
                   (Grey Elves,                          (Turned back
                    stayed in                            during journey,
                    Beleriand)                           later settled
                                                         in forests)
                      |                                        |
          ______________________________________            Silvan Elves
         |                                     |            (Descendants of Nandor,
     Falathrim                             Silvan Elves       influenced by Sindar)
   (Sea Elves)                             |         |
                                       Lórien     Mirkwood
                                (Ruled by Sindar) (Ruled by Sindar)
  1. Elves: The overarching category for all elven kind.
  2. Eldar: Those who accepted the invitation to Valinor.
    • Vanyar: The first to reach Valinor, closest to the Valar, golden-haired.
    • Noldor: Known for their craftsmanship, many returned to Middle-earth to pursue Morgoth and the Silmarils.
    • Teleri: The largest group, divided further:
      • Sindar: Grey Elves who stayed in Beleriand, ruled by Thingol.
        • Falathrim: Sea Elves who lived along the coasts of Beleriand.
      • Nandor: Those who turned back during the journey to Valinor, later settled in the forests of Middle-earth.
        • Silvan Elves: Descendants of the Nandor, living primarily in:
          • Lórien: Ruled by Sindarin lords such as Celeborn and Galadriel (Noldor).
          • Mirkwood: Ruled by Thranduil, a Sindarin Elf.
  3. Avari: Those who refused the journey to Valinor and stayed in Middle-earth.


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