Lorca Lives

May 1, 2017

Lorca Lives

Lorca lives in New York City
He never went back to Spain
He went to Cuba for a while
But he’s back in town again
He’s tired of the gypsies
And he’s tired of the sea
He hates to play his old guitar
It only has one key
He heard that he was shot and killed
He never was you know
He lives in New York City
He doesn’t like it though
I found this lovely poem in Leonard Cohen’s “Book of Longing” and i absolutely adore it.
Cohen is probably my favorite poet/singer-songwriter, and though this is not my favorite poem of his, it is still pretty darn neat. A small tribute to a man that inspired him, and who died at the hands of the facists in the Spanish Civil War…Have a great May Day out there!#TheUnionMakesUsStrong #ItTakesMoreThanGunsToKillAMan


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